My rant for the month

You know why many businesses go under??  Because they have NO business sense. NONE. ZIP.NIL.

Wednesday, after my mammo the receptionist at the center told me that I had a balance and owed $1.  Yep, one dolla.  I asked what for and she had no clue.  So after browsing thru her paperwork, she told me, don’t worry about it.  Well, today in the mail I received a bill, a statement for the $1 .  They spent .44 cents to mail it, included a self addressed envelope, not to mention the ink it cost to print that statement, and I’m sure someone spent a good 30 minutes to get this done.  GIVE ME A BREAK!!!  When I call them on Monday, someone in that office will spend more time trying to figure out what it’s for and waste even more time and money. 

And they used COLOR!!! envelope and paper

And they used COLOR!!! envelope and paper










Ok, now that I’m done with that rant let me take you in another direction.

Unicef has a ‘trick or treat for Unicef’  campaign to get kids involved in fundraising to save children’s lives.  My 9 year old nephew, Ryan donated the money he had left over from his birthday, $40!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We watched a video about children from around the world who are not as blessed as he is and he understood.  He didn’t even hesitate.  He just said I want to give my $40 bucks!  I LOVE YOU RYAN….YOU GET IT!

Teach your kids the importance of helping others.



It’s International Peace Day……….

SUNSET aug 11 2009 001








Open your heart, share your joy, offer your compassion, give appreciation