A little piece of heaven

Yesterday after church, I was starving!  I hadn’t eaten breakfast, just a cup of coffee.  I was helping out at the Angel Food sales desk and we (my sisinlaw n friends) chatted thru the entire 1st service.  We were in the lobby, not inside the sanctuary.  So, we decided to stay for the 2nd service and didn’t leave the church until around 2pm.  I was really HANGRY by that time!  I was with my nephews, one wanted to go to Tijuana Flats and the little one (the picky eater) wanted pizza.  So pizza it was.

We headed over to Pizza Heaven in Weston.  It’s a small Italian restaurant that has been around for ever.  When I used to work the Weston territory, I would always rush into Pizza Heaven for a quick sub or salad.  They’re very friendly and the service is quick.  The staff makes you feel like you’re dining in their home, super friendly, casual and comfortable.

We ordered a large Sicilian pizza with half cheese (for the picky eater) and half pepperoni and it was delicious.  The crust was thick and crunchy, not greasy. 

Pizza Heaven

Square thick crust pie!

Pizza Heaven










I did indulge today, no doubt.  The garlic rolls came and were gone in a flash!  I had two!

Pizza Heaven

I had my garlic quota for the week!









My brother ordered a shrimp bisque appetizer that was made with 3 jumbo shrimp in a creamy pink soup.  Yummy, I would have had that as a meal.  It had a slight spicey twang.

Pizza Heaven









And we finished a nice lunch with a warm capuccino.

Pizza Heaven

love the sugar sticks












I will be walking and jogging a few miles today to burn off those garlic rolls.  But because I eat healthy I can indulge once in a while.  What actually made this pizza heavenly, the company…..family. So if you’re near Weston, check it out.

Pizza Heaven  4420 Weston Rd  Weston,Fl 33331  954.349.4566




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