Weekend Wrap up part1

My first live professional hockey game was a blast.  My nephews, sisinlaw and I went to see the Panthers play Friday night and beat out the Philly Flyers 4-2.  We had so much fun.  The best part was that it was COLD in there! (outside it was 88 degrees)  It felt so good.  I really enjoyed watching my nephew almost burst a vein while screaming and cheering for the Cats!











mE and Ryan

mE and Ryan









Not much to talk about as far as food goes.  I had yogurt and fruit for breakfast, leftover pasta for lunch and dinner. 


It started out as a nice lazy morning.  I was really craving a hot breakfast since I now have a/c again.  So I whipped up 2 egg whites, spinach, pureed cauliflower and made a yummy omelet.









hummus on the Arnold thins :)

hummus on the Arnold thins 🙂

Out of nowhere, (at least I didn’t see it coming) a rain and thunderstorm came blowing thru.   I thought my plans to go to the Beach Clean Up  later in the afternoon were ruined, but not so.  It cleared up a little and I headed east to Fort Lauderdale Beach.
cloudy but pretty

cloudy but pretty

I met up with the families that came out to clean up our beautiful beaches.  This is such a great way to teach children about how important it is to love our earth. 
I made a new friend, Maria.  This adorable 9year old is excited about keeping our environment clean
The kids get a certificate for participating in the beach clean up.
We filled up a large trash bag full of cigarette butts, bottle caps, plastics and other yucky stuff you don’t want to know about.
I was really hungry by the time I got home and quickly made a turkey bacon, spinach and fat free cheese pizza for Hunter, Chelsea and myself.  Watched a movie (BenButton) and off to bed.
I’m so looking forward to the cool front headed our way!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. October 18, 2009 at 8:59 pm

    What a lovely surprise! I just wanted to read about the rest of your weekend, and what should I find but pictures of the part of the weekend that we shared! What a great picture of our little friend Maria! Thanks. 🙂

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