Quickie weekend

Wow, quicky weekend.  It seemed to really fly by and I didn’t even do much.  Heck I did nothing.

Saturday:  watched chick flicks…All day!  I do mean all day!

Sunday:  Church (heavy duty, much needed sermon on forgiveness), lunch with family, back home, long walk in the evening.

That’s it, that was my weekend. 

I do remember I said I was going to get up early, get out the door and run.  What I hadn’t realized is that it was Friday and I had no intention of getting up early on Saturday morning.  So I didn’t.  What I did do was make pizza for lunch and pizza for dinner.

chicken spinach n mozzarella pizza

chicken spinach n mozzarella pizza









really yummy

really yummy









Sunday, my mom made a fish soup with shrimp, fish, plantains, and other veggies.  I had a small bowl since I wasnt in the mood for soup.  It was my brother’s birthday and that’s what he requested.  I did have a fish croquette and some avocado.  Sorry, no pics, forgot my camera.

I keep hearing about tempeh and have been wanting to try it.  Tempeh is a cultured cake of beans and grains and this one was  made with organic soybeans.  So dinner was a sandwich prepared with tempeh marinaded in lemon n pepper, spinach, avocado and tomato on whole grain thin bread (spread with guac).  And I washed it down with a super yummy green smoothie.









Tempeh sandwich







Tempeh sandwich and green smoothie

Tempeh sandwich and green smoothie












I went for a loooonnng walk tonight and there was a slight breeze, not quite fall here yet.  

Now I’m going to bed early like I promised.


1 Comment

  1. Ryan Castillo said,

    October 12, 2009 at 6:19 pm

    did you say that you hate running at night …just telling you 😀

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