A turkey of a day!

Seriously it’s October 1st?!  Yikes!  Well, it actually felt a little fall like tonight.  There was a slight breeze and a gorgeous sunset.  Check it out!

Is that amazing?

Is that amazing?




















Started the 1st day of October feeling great and 10 pounds lighter.  YAY!!!  The original goal of 59 lbs is now down to 49 lbs left to go.  I’ve been making a conscious effort to eat healthy foods.  Today I went grocery shopping and stocked up with lots of veggies, fruits, greek yogurt, fish and ground lean turkey.  I made hummus today and added Sesame Tahini for the first time.  Love my hummus.










Breakfast was yogurt, banana and lots of cinnamon.









Went to my women’s Bible study, ran some errands, went grocery shopping and was STARVING when I got home around 2pm.  Lunch was a quick turkey sandwich on whole grain thins and a super delish mango/spinach/blueberry smoothie.

Dinner was a yummo turkey burger, fat free cheese on whole grain thins spread with hummus.  I know, it was a turkey day and too much bread.

quick n easy turkey burger

quick n easy turkey burger

So did you hear about the free Disney pass giveaway?  Register here and sign up to volunteer for a day and Disney will give you a free day pass.  Super cool since the tickets are now up to almost $80 bucks!  The volunteering is valid after Jan 1, 2010 but you don’t have to wait until then to start volunteering.  Give of your time, be a blessing to others.  
Eat well, live long and volunteer!

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