A 5K in my near future

I’m so excited!  I found a 5K I can do Oct 31st!!  This gives me more incentive to get up and move more!!  I’ve been doing the C25K program but haven’t been consistent.  So today I started week 2 AGAIN! It feels soooo good.  I know that you ‘runners’ are giggling at that but I’m just beginning and everyone has to start somewhere, right? 

My goal for the 1st 5k I did in February was to just finish.  And I did.  This time my goal is to be able to run at least 1/2 the distance and walk when I have to.  I’ve been eating really good stuff and I have so much more energy. This morning began with an egg white, 2 slices turkey bacon and spinach dip spread on 1 slice of whole grain bread.











Oh and a cup of yummy coffee.

Morning fuel

Morning fuel

I had a wasa cracker with spinach dip after my run/walk and for lunch I was satisfied with a mango/spinach smoothie.  One of Hunter’s friends was here and he reluctantly tried the smoothie and loved it.  They’re becoming a hit around here.   I think dinner tonight will be leftovers ( baked chicken,broccoli).
Well, if you’re local to me I hope you’ll join me and sign up for the 5K.  It’s fun and supports a great organization.

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