Fast forward please

I know I keep repeating it but, where are the days going?  Is it me or are the days, weeks and months just going into major warp time?  At the beginning of this year I prayed to God that this year would go by really, really fast. I just wanted to fast-forward into 2010.  I do believe he answered that prayer because we’re almost there.  T.Y.J.!

As I reflect I am reminded that I am where I am because of choices I’ve made.  That can apply to many different topics but I’m specifically talking about my weight.  One of the great things about journaling is that you can look back and see where you were mentally, and spiritually at the time.  While reading some entries and going back to my calendar, I can see where I have truly made a great effort this year to get healthier, exercise more and loose weight. 

Because I log my exercise and food intake, I feel good knowing that the effort is there.   But simple effort is not enough. I have made a commitment to consistently make daily time for devotions, bible reading and time with God.  I have to make that same commitment with my eating and exercise routines.  I want to strengthen my body, mind and most importantly, my relationship with God.  These things require daily action.  As I’m challenged in different arenas, I must stay focused, and he will guide me.   Isaiah 58: 11-12.

If you are in need of some motivation and inspiration please visit Sage’s site.  Sage is one of the ladies from my women’s bible study group and has a great place of inspiration.   I love great inspirational, worship music.  When I’m in a more mellow mood I visit this site that lets me soak in beautiful music to relax, pray with and to just revive my heart and soul.  Check it out.

Eat well, live long and get motivated!

SUNSET aug 11 2009









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