I’m a size 2!!!!!!

Ok. no I’m not a size 2, but a girl can dream.   Today I went into Fashion Bug (had a nice coupon to use up) and after meeting up with a friend I hadn’t seen in years I found these jeans…..OMG they’re called “Right Fit” and they use a different measuring system.  When the salesgirl looked at me she said, “You’re a size 2” I just about died(I’m in the double digits).  At my very skinniest I was only a 6 so I can’t even imagine being a size 2. 

Anyway, mentally it made me feel good and I started to visualize a smaller body on my body!  The jeans fit great and they are now in my closet.  I did go home right after that and worked out.  I did one of the “Firm” workouts and I do believe I will be a bit sore tomorrow.  But I felt great, had a little power snack and on to the next project.

I’ve been eating really healthy lately and I feel good.  I’m finally over that bronchitis that attacked me and am excited about working out more and continuing to discover healthier eats.  My journey started with 59 lbs to drop and I’m happy to report it’s now only 52 left to go!

For breakfast I’ve been enjoying Greek yogurt with fruits.  I can’t believe I haven’t been drinking my cup of coffee. I did have a cup today though.

greek yogurt and fresh fruits

greek yogurt and fresh fruits










Lunch has been baby spinach with some grilled chicken, tomatoes,cucumbers,avocado and roasted edamame with some balsamic dressing drizzled over it.  Love it.

I made a great cauliflower mashed to imitate mashed potatoes and Hunter ate it without even realizing it wasn’t potatoes!  Sorry, no pics because I need batteries for the camera.  It was really yummo!  I basically just steam the cauliflower, then puree it in the blender.  Then I add fat free milk and a tiny bit of butter, salt  and pepper to taste and voila, mashed cauliflower.  I have also added the pureed cauliflower to my egg whites with a tiny bit of sour cream for a nice omelet.  It’s just another way to add more veggies to my meals.  Tonights dinner is tilapia with some veggies.

broccoli, zuchinni,carrots

broccoli, zuchinni,carrots









tilapia with veggies

tilapia with veggies











Well, today I started a new women’s bible study and I’m excited.   It’s following a book by Donna Partow, Standing Firm.  This author has such a great writing style and sense of humor. Can’t wait to see what God’s going to show me thru this study.  Gotta go, it’s my sister in law’s birthday today and my son and I are going over to surprise her with cake and ice cream.  She has no idea!  

Eat well, live long!  Martica



  1. Mirtha said,

    September 11, 2009 at 9:34 am


    I started the Quick Weight Loss and I am doing really good lost so far in three weeks 12 pounds. It sound like your doing really good w your healthy easting but here are a few tips from my diet.
    Use Morton light salt and dont use more than 1/2tbs, also no avacado, of all the fishes I can eat Tilapia is not in the list, they also dont allow me any sour cream or yogurt, also no bananas and never eat fruits after 6pm. Hope this will help. Keep up the good work, maybe we can get together and start walking.


  2. martica said,

    September 11, 2009 at 4:37 pm

    Wow, Mirtha, congrats! That’s awesome! Thanks for the tips.

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