The weekend’s over!

Well the weekend is soon coming to a close.  But it was a nice one.  Yesterday I went to church and heard a great message.  Getting excited about the upcoming series….Unplugged from the chaos and plugging into God!  After church I went to do some shopping with the birthday money I got.  Woo hoo, gotta love birthday money.  I used to always use that money for bills, but no more!  I’m going to treat myself, the bills will get paid somehow, but not with my birthday money. 

My sister in law and I went browsing and picked up a few cute blouses and then had a great lunch at Panera’s.  Love them.  I had the ‘Mediterranean Veggie sandwich ‘ and it was soooo good.  It had Zesty Peppers, feta cheese, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and cilantro hummus on  Tomato Basil bread.  The cilantro hummus was Super DELISH!  The bread was really good, they make the best breads.  I only ate a little more than 1/2 of the sandwich. 

Mediterranean veggie sandwich

Mediterranean veggie sandwich









The tomato basil bread is soooooo good.

The tomato basil bread is soooooo good.









and we washed it down with some iced green tea….yummm

iced green tea

iced green tea











After shopping and lunch I went to visit my aunt and some cousins that I hadn’t seen in a while.  My cousin and his wife have also been bitten by the “health” bug and have each lost over 30 pounds!  I’m so proud of them, they’re doing great with the food and have started going to the gym.  That’s the only ingredient I have to add, is consistent exercise.

Today, Audi, my nephews and I went to a Holiday project visit.  We go to a nursing home and visit with the old folks for a couple of hours, once a month.  They’re so intereresting and some are so witty and have so much charm.  And then there’s the really sick ones that just break your heart.  Sometimes the little things are what make them happy, like conversation, someone to brush their hair, bring them a card or stuffed animal, or just listening to them tell their stories.  And boy do they have stories to tell.  Mary, a 95 year old was saying that  she’s gone from watching horse and buggys to the now modern cars.  And the walk on the moon is what has fascinated her the most in her 95 years.  Cool.

Lunch today was a spinach salad with bits of turkey bacon, chicken, broccoli,cucumber, tomatoes, asparagus with some balsamic vinegar.

spinach salad

spinach salad













My blogs’s number one fan, Ryan and I have been spending the afternoon together.  I love this little guy!  He’s got to start getting ready for school, because he was out sick most of last week.  Oh boy, he’s going to have a lot of make up work to do.  So that was my weekend!  Lot’s of great family time.

Eat well, live long!


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