Mini bagels, got to love em’!

My body is detoxing from 46 years worth of major carb intake (mostly bread, especially Cuban bread). I’ve been on the hunt for some good alternatives and here’s what I found:   mini bagels!   They’re awesome, tasty, crunchy when you toast them and ONLY 100 calories!  I’ve been making some seriously yummy, satisfying and filling mini meals that I serve on a salad plate.  This is the plate that I eat most meals in.  And as a bonus, check out the motivational words….courage, belief, enthusiasm, commitment.  Is that the cutest way to have a meal or what?

courage plate

courage plate









Back to mini bagels…I’ve been looking for them in whole wheat but haven’t found them.  So in the meantime, when and if I crave bread, these work!  Eventually I will cut out all white stuff but at this stage I’m still weaning myself off of my favorite food on earth, BREAD!  Portions are a huge part of any weight loss program and I have found it easier using this salad plate and I don’t worry about portions.   Check out some of the mini meals that are mostly about 150 calories!

Mini Bagels with my spinach dip and hummus!

I know it looks  weird but it tastes great!

I know it looks weird but it tastes great!











Mini bagel with Turkey  150 calories

mini bagel with turkey








And my turkey burger!

turkey burgers mini bagel








Eat well, live long! and have a mini bagel!


1 Comment

  1. August 19, 2009 at 2:43 am

    I love this.. this is so inginious.. I havent seen these but these are great snacks!!!!

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