A Lil’ attitude goes a long way!

While on this journey, I mentioned how my goal is to lose 59 lbs. and feel healthy along the way and in the future.  I’m a visual gal and I have been working on visualizing how the healthy food I’m putting in my body is enhancing my brain, cells, organs, bones, etc.. I’m also an ‘affirmations’ gal (thanks to Mary Kay) and really try to keep my thoughts in a positive state.   I’m not embarking on this journey as a “diet”, but am however embracing it as a positive change in habits.  And I am feeling GOOOOOD! 

I have fallen in love with my challenge.  In love? yep, in love. I know what you’re thinking….” Martha hasn’t been on a date in a long while and I think she forgot about falling in love” ….You read it right, in love.  When I think of how blessed I am and how amazing I feel  each day that I take action towards my goal, I feel like…well….in an almost  “in love” state. 🙂  I want to be around for my family for a long time and therefore I’m taking this one day at a time.  I am appreciating every moment of every day that God has blessed me with.

We CAN control our thoughts! So, I choose to think on great things (Phil 3:14) (Phil 4:8-9). 

WE ALL have strengths and the one I choose to focus on to help me get through my challenges is my faith.  (Phil4:13)   I want to give God the glory when my goal is achieved!  And, while he’s giving me the courage and strength every day!  How can I possibly fail??  That’s why I’m in love with this challenge!  I hope that somehow my thoughts and words will encourage someone, somewhere to make a positive change in their life as well.  Blessings.


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  1. August 18, 2009 at 10:40 pm

    OMg! thanks for the comment. And I’ll totally make so healthy fajitas! you’ll be the first to hear about It! I’ll make sure! thanks you for watching my video and please pass on my blog http://albertohr2005.wordpress.com !! thanks

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