Can you digitally fix ME?

Image is very important to some of us.  How we look and present ourselves many times says a lot about us.  But have we gone too far with the ‘skinnier the better’  beliefs?  Have you seen the upcoming cover of SELF magazine.  I’m a fan of SELF but am very disappointed with what they did to American Idol star Kelly Clarkson.  Kelly’s on the cover and they digitally removed about 20 pounds off her.  I know it’s common to remove some flaws, pimples, wrinkles, but to actually make her look 20 lbs lighter!!!  The Editor-in-Chief says something like this…..Kelly has a wonderful personality, an amazing spirit,  we altered her appearance to make her look her personal best.  Well, miss Editor, that personal best pic is not really her!  Kelly says she doesnt care what people think of her weight.  Yet she let them take off 20 lbs?! IS THAT RIDICULOUS or what??  What are your thoughts?

Kelly Clarkson


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