Mother Nature at her best

What a long weekend!  And I don’t think I mean that in a “Whoo hooo” kind of way.   I’ve been sick since last Wednesday and can’t seem to shake this cough and sore throat.  My body just wants to sleep but I can’t, so I’m exhausted.  Every once in a while, out of frustration, I will wish for a ‘quickie case of the runs’ so I can loose a quick pound or two.   Well, this last weekend, I did loose a pound and a 1/2, thank God, not from the runs.   Ive had very little appetite so it’s been mostly a soup and water diet.  

Saturday, I had family drive down from Tampa and I played hostess.  We went to my mom’s for the afternoon and just hung out at the farm.  No, I didnt pick mangoes, was too tired and it was way too hot.  So you mango lovers will have to wait until maybe next weekend to get your mango fix.  My mom made a seafood stew filled with shrimp, lobster, dolphin and it was just yummy.   I also ate a lot of fruit that had just been picked from the trees.  Had some mango, guava and coconut.  The avocado was also delish.   I’m actually loving how much I’m enjoying veggies and so much fruit.  Later in the early evening I took the fam to visit some cousins.  This was a totally different meal.  Can you say, HIALEAH?  Rice, beans, meatballs, steak, and yucca . I had a really small sampling and was stuffed for the day. 

Sunday I stayed in bed most of the day and all I could stomach was soup (pureed) and water.  So here we are starting a new week and I’m surprised….I’m actually bummed that I don’t have enough energy to exercise.   This morning I took Hunter to have his senior pictures taken.  I was so filled with all kinds of emotions.  My baby boy is grown up, starting his senior year, driving, working, has a girlfriend…..He grew up soooo quickly. 

Well, here’s a pic of lunch ( a whole wheat wrap filled with carrots, mushrooms, onions, steak) and here’s to a great week!

whole wheat wrap filled with steak,carrots, mushrooms,onions

whole wheat wrap filled with steak,carrots, mushrooms,onions


ready to eat steak n veggie wrap


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